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  1. Phobia might have broader meaning than Achluophobia. Find out the relation between terms Achluophobia and Phobia as hypernyms.
  2. How to say Achluophobia in English? Pronunciation of Achluophobia with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning and more for Achluophobia.
  3. Aichmophobia definition is - a morbid fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as scissors, knives, or hypodermic needles): belonephobia. How to use aichmophobia in a sentence.
  4. Achluophobia premium icon. Available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats. Download unlimited Premium icons for. USD /month. Add to collection. Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; Premium Flaticon License. Go Premium and you will receive the commercial license. More .
  5. Achluophobia is the fear of darkness. Symptoms of Achluophobia Phobias are to be taken seriously. If they aren’t given proper attention and treatment, might start to limit the sufferers life. In some cases up to the degree of extreme anxiety and depression. Knowing how to manage thoughts and anxiety will not only help a person [ ].
  6. What is Achluophobia? Achluophobia is the fear of darkness. The origin of the word Achluo is Greek (meaning to darken) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). Achluophobia is considered to be a specific phobia, which is discussed on the home page. Achluophobia is also related to Lygophobia (fear of being in dark places), Myctophobia (fear of.
  7. Fear of darkness, Achluophobia. Fears are emotions triggered by your subconscious mind in order to protect you from danger. the subconscious mind was designed for survival as a basic priority and that's why it makes you afraid sometimes but The problem arises when that fear becomes irrational in such a way that its triggered where its not needed.. Fear of darkness or Achluophobia is an.

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